Come Back, Rosy

My darling,
come to me and I’ll tell you something
about our love,
about how I felt the first time I met you.
When I first set my eyes on you, my love,
something happened to me,
that only my heart can describe.

Sweetie that day you happened in my life,
everything did not become normal again.
The night was not the same,
the food was not the same,
I kept seeing your image in my plate,
and when I went to bed and closed my eyes,
all that came again was your gorgeous image.
I kept thinking about you,
and so I said, this must be her –
the rib that was taken out of me.

Listen carefully, darling,
I want to tell you something,
this life is full of issues,
this love too,
but what I know is, there’s no better way, dear.
We’re human, we’re fallible,
yet our love is one,
and has always been real.
Return to me, Rosy,
and we will go through this life together.

Men will tell you, my love,
that they love you,
they will give you the money you want
as a gateway to ruining your body.
Then they will walk away calmly
and leave my beautiful Rosy
as a withered flower in the fields.
If you knew how much I love you, honey,
then you’d come back to me right away,
and not allow this to happen.

Do you remember those moments we shared alone,
when you told me you wouldn’t want any other?
Those were the best moments of our love.
Why won’t you remember now, honey?
Rosy please, come back home.
Rosy please, come back to me.


  1. Such a lovely poem, with lots of emotion on it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. O sweet! Thanks for reading and writing such a wonderful review. 😊


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