we rise from the seas

By Jeff Flesch What an amazing poem!! 💖💖 I swim through the stars, and walk throughthe seas, it’s as if presence, andtranquility always belonged to me… living in the belief we hold about life’sstruggles and dreams we rise from the seas, and wander the strands,looking for existence to take us bythe hand… loving each momentContinue reading “we rise from the seas”

The Day of Peace

Synopsis This is a self-consoling poem. The persona is assuring themselves that despite the challenges and problems they face at the moment, a better life awaits them in a place of peace and rest (which is heaven) after they die. When I wake up in another citywhere the moon and the sun walk in unity,whereContinue reading “The Day of Peace”

Tapped: to my beloved

Darling, your beauty has tapped my heart,and I can’t for another momentplace my hat at someone else’s heart.Your image is unto me like a fragrant scent,I keep looking through,I keep seeing us two,holding you up close to me,caressing you from neck to knee,stroking your hair and face gently,swallowing your breath softly,and pecking your cute freshContinue reading “Tapped: to my beloved”