Linda’s Diary: Entry 14

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Thursday, 27 February 2014


Dear Jennifer, 

There is quite a lot happening with this man Tiger that I feel like I’m living in fantasy. When I woke up today, I found him calmly seated on a chair at the porch. Just ima… I could not even believe it myself. It was about 6:00AM and I had woken up as usual to prepare the kids for school when I caught the choking smell of cigar smoke. When I opened the main door to see who it was, for I thought it could be the gatekeeper due to his smoking habit, to my consternation, I found Tiger instead, seated untouched, smoking weed! 

I was stupefied and almost fainted, dear. Tiger himself was not even tingled a bit. He did not even turn himself to look at me.

“Holy shit! You scared me to death, you tosspot!” I indicated my frustration after regaining strength. He did not respond. “What are you doing at my porch this early, Tiger?” 

“I came to keep watch,” he replied, and puffed out a cloud of smoke. 

“Keep watch? What d’you mean?” I asked in a rather calm voice so as not to wake up the kids whose alarm always beep at half past six. 

“Your good-for-nothing gatekeeper is asleep,” he replied. 

“But it’s already morning, and it’s okay for him to take a nap.”

“Do you know what time I came here?” He held up two fingers in front of me. “And since then, he hasn’t woken up. He’s even unaware of my presence.”

“At two! How did you get in and what do you want? You’re becoming too much Tiger,” I complained, now loudly. 

“That man is fired. What kind of guard is that who sleeps the whole night?” he replied, incoherently to my question. “Just imagine, I came in at two, the gate was not yet locked and the man was snoring, couldn’t even hear me get in.”

“What do you want, sir?” I asked formally, ignoring all he had said. 

“Nothing for you to know,” he replied and took a deep sniff from the cigar. 

“I… I’m tired of you, Tiger. Who are you even in the first place? You’ve never introduced yourself properly. You only said you were a messenger sent by some sect called The Allied Brothers, and when I asked who they were, you refused to say more. Who are you?”

“I am Tiger Kamilio, The Ring,” he replied, standing up. 

“What? The ring! What d’you mean?” I asked quickly, nibbled by curiosity, and now not wanting him to go. He made to leave but stopped and glanced at me with inquisitive eyes. 

“Haven’t your husband told you yet?” he asked. 

“No. Georgie is… Georgie hasn’t told me anything. But he has this strange gold ring… .”

“See. You already know. I am the ring and the ring is me. I am here to protect him, to protect you and your children.”

“How? What do you mean you’re the ring?” the choking questions found their way out. I could feel my pulse, my heart was beating fast and my breath was hot and rapid. 

“Um… ask him. At this point, he shouldn’t hide anything from you,” he answered and started walking away. 

“Wait a minute, Tiger.”

He turned and looked at me distortedly and uninterestedly. 

“Why did you tell my girl that you were going to be her father?” I asked calmly and in a low tone, just in case the kids had woken up. 

“Um… she is… without my help, either of you won’t… won’t… um… allow me.” He turned and walked away. 

“Won’t what?” I shouted after him as he opened the gate and left. “What kind of human being is this?” I wondered aloud. Just then I heard someone fake a cough behind me. I turned quickly and met the stern looks of Harriet. 

“Baby, what… how long have you been here?” 

“Not so long,” she replied. “Who was that?” 

I did not want to say Tiger. I looked for an answer but did not find an appropriate one. “It’s a visitor. One of your father’s friends. Says… says he wanted to see him.”

“Tiger? This early?”

“No. Not Tiger,” I lied. 

“Oh! I hope not, Mama. I’m scared of seeing his face.” I walked up to her and held her close to me. “It’s not Tiger, baby,” I said caressing her back. “I won’t allow him here anymore. I told the gatekeeper not to. Has Tony woken up?”

“No. The alarm has not beeped,” she replied. I knew Tony was not an early riser. I took Harriet’s hand and walked her back into the house. 

When the sun came up, I went to the gate to have a small talk with the keeper as I took him tea. I, however, found him unavailable. His cabin was open and empty. Surprised by the finding, I quickly locked up the gate and returned to the house. I picked up my phone and tried to reach out to him, but his line was not active. 

At about nine o’clock, I recived a text message from an unknown number that Faith had been arrested and taken to a nearby police station. I tried to call her number, but she too was off. I wanted to go to the police station and have a word with her before arranging for my lawyer to take up the case, but I could not trust the message I had just received. What if it was a set-up by someone who has been following my actions? 

I called the number straight away. A woman’s voice answered the call. She introduced herself as Pat and said that she was Faith’s neighbour in the plot where she lived. She said Faith had given her my number to inform me of her fate shortly before she was taken away by the cops. She also told me the station she was taken to. 

I had to go straight away and speak with Faith. I found her locked up in a cell and as emotional as she has always been, crying out all her tears. I was permitted to talk to her. 

“Faith!” I interrupted her crying. She turned and looked at me, and I saw a thin smile appear at the corner of her mouth. 

“Your excellency! What are you doing in this nasty place?” she asked. 

“I came for you. What happened?” I moved closer and touched her hands through the spacing across the metal grills. 

“I knew they’d do it. I told you.” A stream of tears followed her reply. 

“Calm down, dear. Have they pressed any charges?” 

“The police said I’ve been arrested for the murder of my friend, my dearest friend. Can you imagine it?” More tears followed. 

“Oh, okay. Take it easy. This won’t take long before it gets solved. I’m going to get you a lawyer, okay?” 

“No. I can’t afford a good lawyer, your excellency. I don’t have enough in my savings.”

“Don’t be worried over it. Look… calm down. I’m going to speak to my attorney to handle this case. I think we already spoke about it. And I’ll take care of the fees too.”

A broad smile showed up on her face, and then she replied emotionally, “Oh my goodness! I… I can’t find enough words to… to thank you, Your Excellency. God bless yoy.”

“You don’t have to thank me. Not yet. Let’s put this storm behind us.” I looked into her eyes. “You know I have a lot of questions to ask, but I won’t be doing so directly. If you want my help, then please open up to my attorney when he comes along. Okay?” 

She nodded. I held her hands and nodded my assurance. “And don’t forget this, say nothing to anyone, except my lawyer, Mr Noon, when he comes.”

“Okay,” she replied. I nodded my assurance again and then left.

In the afternoon, I called Mr Noon, my lawyer, and asked to present a case to him. He came to my place and agreed to take up the case. He therefore left to talk to Faith.

The law practioner called later in the evening to inform that Edith’s family had pressed murder charges against Faith and that her case will be mentioned tomorrow. I didn’t want her to spend even a single night in cell, but now it seems almost impossible. Maybe tomorrow, we shall plead for cash bail. 

There is a lot going on, dear sister, quite a lot that I cannot find my peace. There is this whole issue about Tiger Kamilio claiming he is the gold ring and that Harriet and I won’t live without him, and then now again Faith’s arrest. Where do I place my head? Maybe it is high time I took a restraining order against Tiger. 


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  1. guzigoz says:

    Minsah, this is a good read. I was fully engaged, looking forward to other episodes 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh so sweet to hear you’re enjoying it. Tiger is becoming itchy, right? Haha. I will avail more chapters in the specified date. Keep in touch, and thank you so much for your kind review.


  2. Jules says:

    Sometimes the good in the shadows lures us to justice – but it is with confused eyes when that happens. Like the Father Brown episode I watch last night. The theif a friend of the good Father Brown – they each saved each others lives. But in the end the theif still got away with a small prize.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s quite right. I’m glad you can relate and draw lessons from this.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Jules says:



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