Linda’s Diary: Entry 4

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Sunday, 16 February 2014


Dear Jennifer, 

My husband has not yet come back from a fundraiser he attended in the afternoon after church. I am thinking, perhaps, he decided to spend the rest of his day at our home back in the village. I wonder why he never keeps me updated on his whereabouts, not even after a holy mass in town and a stressful afternoon.

Georgie loves the church, though I would lie, to be sincere, to say it has ever had any spiritual impact on him. We have never been part of a specific congregation since he began his political career. We just keep hopping about from one group of believers to another. 

So today being a worship day, he told me in the morning that we were going to attend a sermon at a local church back in Seme. Thirty minutes later, he changed his mind that we would first attend prayers at a church in Nyamasaria, and then he would leave us to attend a fundraiser at the local one in Seme. By 10am, we were already gathered in his car and the driver took us to his office in town where we teamed up with other county officials. Then shortly afterwards, all the officials got back into their cars and the fleet took off to the church. 

The church in Nyamasaria is always parked to the gunnels. Georgie has always considered it a good political platform, a place where he can reason with elders and sell his propaganda to the people. And he did not spoil the chance; when the mass mover invited him to the chancel after the preachings and prayers had ended, he garnished his political goodwill with promises and achievements. 

“Fellow citizens, I am happy to join you in prayers today,” he began. “As I always say, I am and will always be your servant leader. You entrusted me with this gubernatorial position and I bet I’m doing the best I can to live up to its demands and expectations. Phase one of the constructing our stadium has just kicked off, and next month, we are launching the symbio-city project that I have been speaking about and which my executive has been assessing and holding under review… .” The congregants applauded and cheered at him.

“Our… our duty is to make this county, the county of our pride and heritage, the best place to live and do business. If our environment is clean and safe, that alone will be a boon to both small and large investments, and our economy will be juicy, y’all know that. Then there will be… .”

It was at this point that I noticed he was putting on a ring on his left ring finger! My attention quickly shifted from his speech to the ring. It resembled the gold ring in every way, and there was no doubt it was. But why was he wearing it on the ring finger? I almost broke down in tears at the sight of it. In fact, I could now almost see another woman standing next to him, nodding and smiling at me knavishly. I was horrified and could not keep my knickers on. I let part free my lips and made one of the loudest shrills of a lifetime. Then I passed out. 

When I came to in the evening, I found myself in a ward, two nurses on both sides of the bed I was lying on. I quickly recognized them; they work at Moderncare Private Hospital and have been good friends. 

“What? Am I in a hospital ward?” I asked, sitting up, almost still unaware of my situation. 

“Yes, Mrs Argwins. Easy… go easy on yourself,” replied Edith, one of the two, helping me sit up. 

“Moderncare… I’m at Moderncare? What happened to me?” I frained, trying hard to recall. 

“We’ve been told you were in church listening to your husband’s speech when you suddenly screamed bloody murder and fainted,” replied Faith, the other nurse. 

“Oooh…,” I exclaimed, now reminiscing what had transpired at the church. 

“Mrs Argwins, can you recall what you last saw before you fainted?” inquired Edith. 

“A black old woman… standing beside him, the governor, and smiling at me arrogantly,” I explained. 

“Oh! Did you actually…,” started Faith. 

“Wait! My daughter… she’s not okay. I have to go. Now. Please,” I popped up, pulling everything aside and getting out of the bed. I felt a little pain biting at my back. “I have to go home and check on my Harriet.”

“No. You’re still not stable enough to leave, Mrs Argwins. Not until we establish the details about what occured,” explained Edith, trying to blockade my way. 

“I’m fine. You can stop by my house for the details later.” With that, I took off the hospital dress, put on my clothes and, without saying goodbye, left. I hired a taxi home. 

As I go to bed tonight, dear sister, I cannot rebut the feeling that there is more to this ring that I can only imagine. 


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  1. Well, not surprised with what happened after that harsh treatment from the husband!

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    1. Wow, Shobana, you’ve amazed me by your reading and wonderful comments. Thank you many times dear. And yes, her reactions had to fall in position.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, had to get the story from the beginning, and it is a good one, Lamittan. Thank you for buying my book, hope you enjoyed it. Sent you a free copy of another title. Hope you enjoy that too:)

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  2. Jules says:

    Not all politcal favors are as visible. I was reading a book set in the 1800’s and about a secret society where most of the members didn’t even know who the others were. But when you were called upon for a ‘favor’ you had to accept. Very scary indeed.

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    1. What! Damn, that was so scary 😨. Literature actually often mirrors the society. Oooh! I just always wonder why actually people have to go for these secret societies. They traumatise their families

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Jules says:

        Indeed. So hard when you have to keep secrets… when you’d rather not!!

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  3. Imagine! Quite a little big wonder to me 🤔


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